Good Morning Tuesday!

My body is up way too early this morning. It was only a bit after five this morning that my internal alarm clock went off. I can't stop it. I can't unplug it. It's just there. And it's been there my whole life, insisting that I get up at unusually early hours. Of course the sweet part of this deal is that this is the only time that my house will be quiet until late tonight. I treasure this time. I love it. I covet it.
So, what's on the agenda for today? Everything! I can't even go over it because it will start to overwhelm me. I was loosely going through it in my mind early this morning and it brought a moment of "how will I ever get it all done?" Of course I do. I am just ghastly tired by the end of the night. My days go by so fast. And not only am I thinking of today, but I am thinking of the next week, month and sometimes year. Trying to focus on the now...trying to at least.
My goal today is to remain patient, loving and joyful. To stay focused on the Lord up above and to Love Him...and when I love Him, it makes it easier to love others. I hope you have a fantastic day...pray for me and my five little kiddos...we need it (as you do too) everyday. Thank you Lord for another day. Be blessed!


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