Psalm 29

On this Thursday morning, I am just sitting here thinking about all the things the Lord has done for me...for us. He is is faithful. I was sitting with the kids the other morning and doing our bible study together and we came to a passage in Psalms 29 about how the Lord gives Strength to His people...and He will bless His people with peace. It turned into an awesome discussion about how God gives us strength...and each kid gave an example of how he gives us strength...this ranged from passing an algebra test to going to the dentist. I love how simple the Lord really is. His word is so for today...though written so long ago, everything is still for this day.
After the last year or so of impossible situations, Matt and I feel like we are coming into a harvest. We have passed the test. We have remained faithful. Despite hard times and being hit left and right we still remained faithful to Him. And yes, this doesn't mean that we are smooth sailing for the rest of our life. We are now that much STRONGER for the next battle.
Update on Caleb. We had an awesome behavioral analyst come in and she is giving us some great ideas on how to handle him and deal with his handicaps. Praise God. We feel the most hopeful that we have in a long time. Working with his other doctor has been super effective and I believe we are on the way to a peaceful (oh, there is Psalm 29 again) place.
Have a great Thursday everyone. God is good...and so faithful.


Superhero Mom said… felt so good to catch up! You just wait..I have one to post all set for the next 5 days. lol! I love that your family was talking about that was mine. My husband has really been encouraging my boys to be peacemakers with each other and their friends. I think secretly Mike's been working on explaining the fruit of the Spirit..he hasn't said that but now that I type this I think he might be doing that. It's working anyway. Love your blog Allison! You spur me on!

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