Lighthouse Visit

Today we took our first trip to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse as a family. This beautiful lighthouse is only about 30 minutes from our house and we can see it at various spots when we travel around town. Matt and I have been trying to figure out some low-cost trips that we can do with the kids on various weekends. And this was our pick for this weekend. If you look straight up you can see a little bit of color at the top of the lighthouse...those dots would be my kids. Since I have a bit of queasiness with heights I decided to enjoy the view from solid ground. Hold on Matt...

Here is William as we visited the various houses that are on the site. It was very interesting to look at all the history that the Lighthouse had to offer. The kids loved running up and down the brick pathways. Doesn't William have the funniest look on his face..."which way do I go?"

Here are all the kids right before they walked up with their dad. We got there first thing in the morning...and the clouds were heavy in the air and there was lots of fog. When we pulled up the Lighthouse workers said that they were closed temporarily because they had lost power. So, we went to a park next door and the kids had fun until the lighthouse opened...and in that short span of time, God opened up the heavens and we had glorious blue skies!

One more time, here they all are. I wanted to get a picture of the opening and it always shows how large the lighthouse is in comparison to the kids. I can't believe they walked up 203 stairs...and still had a ton of energy afterwards. My kids are hardy!
We had a fantastic morning..worth the few dollars it took to enter and memories were made to last a lifetime!


Matthew said…
A perfect family day!
Michelle said…
I love the lighthouse, I am puttin git on my summer to do list. Thanks for sharing.

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