Favorite Things 4

I was doing a quick clean over my house today, and I thought of this Favorite Thing...my Lysol wipes! Now, normally I use rags to wipe things down...I spray some cleaner on it, and voila-the perfect thing to use to clean up. But, I tried the Lysol wipes out awhile back when they were Buy One Get One Free at the local store. I only buy them then, which makes them about two dollars...not too bad for this budget. They are only used here and there...I give one to one of the kids to wipe down all the light switches and door knobs...or a quick clean up (like the bird poop that fell on the slide, and Judah refused to go down the slide)of anything. Sometimes you just need the fast and easy. They last a long time if you use them sparingly...my rags still have to be washed every week...but it helps this mom of five make life a bit easier.


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