Monday, Monday!

I just opened up my windows in the house. The air is 72 degrees outside with a touch of humidity. Not bad for February, right? I prefer a few degrees colder and no humidity...but I am always grateful not to have the air conditioner pumping away.
Update on the goats...We had Otto and Olive born to Baby (the Boer goat) on January 29th, Oscar born to Kerry on January 31st and surprise Dominic to proud mama Shirley on February 2nd. Shirley lost an unnamed little doe the day after it was born and a triplet was stillborn. So, we are grateful for little Dominic. As you can see, we are very busy with our goats. The kids are bottle feeding some of them, but we have them in a pen so they can spend lots of time with them...and to protect little Dominic from the hawks (he is only 1.5 pounds).
Other than that, life is good. Busy as usual. School is keeping me on my toes. Trying to manage house, school, and work is quite the balancing act. I feel good though. Feel like I am coming out of some of the muck from last year. Moving on. Feeling strengthened from the Lord. My prayer time has been awesome. His voice is becoming louder and louder the more I listen.
So, I hope your Monday is wonderful. I am listening to the kids outside, with an occasional yelp from a baby goat. Happy Monday!


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