10 Days

I couldn't let the day go by without mentioning the Daniel Fast. A 10 (yes, I really mean ten) day fast of something in your life. Lots of people will choose foods, media, recreation...anything that takes time in your life. You are consecrating this time for the Lord and allowing him to speak in your life (read the book of Daniel in the bible for reference). This fast was in preparation for special services at our church. Well, Bryn felt the need to do this ten (yes, 10) day fast on food...everything except fruits and veggies. She chose not to eat anything other than a fruit or vegetable...and with none of the perks like dips or dressings included. So, for 10 (yes, ten) days she ate like a bird. She made up her mind to do it...and she completed the task. Yesterday was her tenth day, and today she went back to a little bit of food. She also read the book of Daniel over the course of the the ten (yes, 10)days and chose not to go on Facebook or read any extra (fun) reading. She really took the time. She amazed me in her initiative...her drive and her ability to complete the task. Most Americans could not fathom the idea of not eating what they want and when they want it. I am so impressed by my daughter. God has some amazing things for her. He is forming her and making her into a great woman of God. I am anticipating a wonderful future ahead of her. All I can say is, WOW!


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