My 9/11

I have never written about my 9/11 experience, so I am taking this opportunity on this tenth anniversary to put my words down in history. I hope one day my kids will read this and know that it is part of the Reynolds Nation history.

We had the phone call from our adoption agency on 9/6/01 about the birth of a little boy. We were not expecting this phone call, we actually weren't even done with our paperwork for the agency. He was born at 10:06 in the morning in Orlando, and he was 7 pounds 1 ounce. And at the time, they didn't have another home for him. The agency had explained that since so few African-American babies were placed for adoption (they were usually given to a family member) and even fewer African-Americans when the time came when they had an African-American baby they usually only had one family waiting for that child. It was God ordained and destined. And we were that one family that day. We had a choice obviously, but we were so ready. We actually had to finish our paperwork that weekend and the baby would be still in the hospital for a few days. Since the adoption placement worker had a birthday on Monday, we decided to meet our new son and sign the paperwork on Tuesday around noon time. It gave us a few days to pull out our crib and prepare for the next phase of our life.

On Tuesday morning, 9/11/01, I had plans to go to my MOPS meeting (a group that moms meet at for encouragement and fellowship) with our daughter Bryn, who was 4 years old. I was so excited...I think it was our first meeting after the summer break...and I couldn't wait to tell my friends about our newest addition coming. Matt on the other hand was picking up a new car seat for us and meeting us at a friends house so we could leave together. The morning was busy and full of chatter...after a three month break, these moms had a lot of talk about. I still remember standing there and hearing somebody say that a plane hit one of the WTC buildings. I still remember being confused and thought, "how sad. How could a plane not see such a large building?" Not much thought after that. Then a lot of ladies starting get calls in on their cell phones and word spread like wild fire. Both buildings have been hit...and then...the buildings came down. How isolated we were in our little church in Central Florida?? At that time moms were starting to leave...and I had to leave early anyways because we had to be in Orlando.

When I got to our friends house, I got to see the first pictures of what had happened. I saw the plane that hit the second building ( I don't think the footage for the first plane had appeared yet) and then the crashing down of both buildings. My husband watched the second tower get hit while he was buying a baby car seat at Walmart. How crazy is that? It was insane. We still had a very important appointment to keep in Orlando. On the drive over there we listened to the news intently. I remember hearing that all planes had stopped over the whole USA...that was a weird moment. It's like the whole world stopped.

And on this tragic day, we brought home our first son. A boy born to a mother who was too young, but who lovingly placed him for adoption so he could have a home. It was day of complete terror for us...but at the same and immense joy. What a crazy day it was! I feel like it happened yesterday...I still remember looking back and watching Bryn stare at this little bundle...who was so tiny, full of the softest hair, and who had the darkest skin we had seen in awhile. He was ours. He was our gift from God...which is why he has Matthew for his middle name. I thank God for this gift, Caleb Matthew.


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