Gratitude Friday

Feeling weary on this Friday night. Long week. Nothing special has been going on, but just the usual...which could make most people exhausted. Because of my weariness, how appropriate to have a gratitude Friday. Right?

1. I am grateful for the cooler temps that will be here this weekend. First days of temps lower than 70 in the morning. And you know me, I like cooler weather.

2. I am grateful for God still continuing to supplies all of our needs...above and beyond what I could ever imagine.

3. I am grateful for all my fall decorations that I am going to put out tomorrow. Fall is in the favorite season!!!

4. I am grateful for a successful first six weeks of school. It has been very fulfilling and I have kept up the pace.

5. I am grateful for my birthday coming up this week. I can't believe that I will only be 29!

Have a blessed weekend!


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