One Month In...

On Friday, Bryn was busy with a science experiment for her biology class. But since we are all here, everyone had to take a peak at her slide...including four year old Judah. He never misses a beat.

Bryn, cozy on the lazy-boy chair...reading her literature book. One of the best perks of homeschooling is that everyone can find their own place to get their work done. Esther loves to work at her desk, Bryn loves to read in the living room and the rest are usually with me at the dining room table. I think as they get older and more efficient with their studies, they will be more spread out.

Esther working on her creation book. She took a long time to work on each picture. Our budding artist is always working on all the details...which makes mommy sometimes have to hurry her along because of time crunches. Esther is breezing through her work as usual...she is so smart, it is hard to keep her challenged.

William, done first with his creation book. William is all about the finish time. He loves this part of school...the creative side. He has been doing so well in his first grade first, a bit overwhelmed with the new work load, but that didn't stop him...he is doing so well.

Caleb hard at work this week. We were working on our creation books that will go in our lap books. Because of his disabilities and his challenge for change, it takes Caleb a bit longer to adjust to our back to school schedule. This was our first great week, and I look forward to more to come.


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