Are You Out There?

Okay people...I know you are out there. I see the hits on my count. I see the cities listed on my weekly visitation report. But I don't hear from you. No comments!!! Where are you?? If you keep on coming back, then I know you must somewhat like my blog. So, I need to hear from you. I will write no matter what...this blog is for my kids one day. I am going to have each year printed (soon, hint, hint husband) and then my kids will be able to look back at all the memories. But, I still would like to hear from you. I know there is someone from the Minnesota area who always visits...and Mountain View California...who are you? Your cities are listed...let me hear from you...who are you? And why do you keep coming back? Thanks ladies and gentleman...thanks for coming back. I hope you love my blog as much as I do!!


Michelle said…
I am here from good ol' New Smyrna, I've been gone for awhile but am stepping back into the blogging world which means back to catching up with you-- and I promise to comment :)

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