Marvelous Monday

I snapped this picture this morning...around 7:30 in the morning of Judah. He was working hard on his new adopted chore...folding the rags and small towels. We are constantly looking for chores for little Judah...he always says, "I want to ean!" Translation...give me something to clean. He sees the other kids doing chores, so I have to make up silly stuff for him to do. Well, now I found something just for him (and his old siblings gladly give up this chore). I pulled them out of the dryer and after breakfast he was working hard.

Mondays are dreaded around here most of the time. The relaxing weekend is over and now we are back to the grind. Daddy is off to work and the school books are staring at us. We are starting our sixth week of school today...unbelievable, I know! Looking forward to a relaxing week...not much going on around here. I have plans to put my fall decorations up this next weekend (my favorite season of the year)...brings such joy to my heart. Matt and I were actually talking about Christmas presents last night...timely, I think, since it was exactly 3 months away. Other than is peaceful and enjoyable. Have a great week folks...still waiting for some comments from you. Don't be invisible....


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