And My Floors Cry Out

Instead of the rocks crying out, my floors are crying out. Oh my. I feel like I am seriously running behind. A couple miles behind. I enjoy having my house nice and clean and orderly. I like it and my husband loves it. But since the beginning of the school year, I am not keeping up to speed. Our new curriculum, Tapestry of Grace, is consuming a lot of my time. On all the yahoo forums, they call it the TOG Fog. I now know what they are talking about. Every week seems to be getting better, but it is still very thorough. And time consuming. But I love it, and so excited to see the end result this year. I know my kids will come out so much more ahead by using this curriculum.
So, until floors may not sparkle...and I may be behind on the 14 loads of laundry a week...and I may seem a bit flustered and over run with Ancient Egypt history...but that's okay. It's for my kids. And that's what counts the most. I saved myself a lot of embarrassment and you too, by not putting a photo of my floors on this blog :) Happy Friday!


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