5K Challenge

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Who am I talking about? A 5K??? What??? Crazy, I know. But this week I decided to take the challenge. The program is Couch to 5K. My sister-in-law told me about it last weekend and I looked it up. It seemed doable. It is a 9 week program that prepares you to RUN a 5K. Every week the program gets harder and harder and includes more running. The first week included this: For three days (taking a break between days) walk briskly for five minutes, then run 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds, run 60 seconds...for 20 minutes, then cool down walk for 5 minutes. Now let me tell you that 2 months ago I could barely lift my feet up to run. I have never been a runner, or even tried to be. It was not my thing...mainly because I was heavy. Well, I did it this week...I completed my three days, without too much trouble. It was more mentally difficult. How could I do this? Was going through my mind. But I broke through that and pushed through. And the coolest part...my two workout partners wanted to join in...including my husband and daughter. So, come 9 weeks we will be RUNNING a 5K!!! So crazy!!! I know that the diligent working out I have done the past 2 months have paid off. That's why I was able to lift these feet up this past week and run!
So, for those of you struggling today with making a personal exercise goal. I say, "PUSH IT." Move ahead. Reach for the stars. It feels great to be there!


Dauvy said…
I love your blog but I really loved that you posted this. I have this app on my phone and have been apprehensive on starting it, mostly due to fear of failure a pure laziness. Now that I've read this, I'm going to do it. I have six kids and a crazy, busy life like you and if you can do this then so can I :)

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