Eating Out Large Family Style

When you have five children, you have a tendency not to eat out a lot...and if we do we usually take one child on a special date or Matt and I will go by ourselves. Well, last night we made a spontaneous trip to a newer pizza place in our hometown. Matt had a long day at work, and I wasn't expecting him to come home early...and this is the end result. I had become friends with Big Planet Pizza on Facebook...which now allows me to see all of their daily specials. Well, yesterday it happened to be buy one classic cheese and get the other one free. And we already had a credit for a free we all ate there (three pizzas for seven) for 14.95! That is how large families eat look for the coupons, kids eat free nights and the special nights to draw in the crowd. So, we had a fun night for almost what it would have cost us to eat at home. Great night with the kids...and great night for mom who didn't have to wash dishes! The kids goofing off last night at Big Planet Pizza...first time we have all been there. They loved all the decorations and the fire pit when you walked out.
Esther, our official crust eater. She loves pizza, but she really loves the crust!

The two goofy kids at the end of the table, making messes and playing jokes on everyone.

William, my big eater! He can put away some pizza...but what do I expect...he hunts lions and tigers on our property all day...and protects us from evil pirates and scoundrels with his swords!

Here they all are showing their pizza...I love William's face...and Judah is covering Caleb up with his pizza...but here is the whole gang!


Michelle said…
What a great deal!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time, what a wonderful blessing!
Superhero Mom said…
Ok...I have 4 points left, it is 7:30pm and that just made me hungry! Looks like good family fun!

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