Fourteen Years of the Best Girl

I took this picture last week when Bryn and I went out to lunch when she had to get fitted for her second retainer at the Orthodontist. It is a favorite of mine shows her sweetness and beauty.
Fourteen years ago today I was at Ormond Memorial Hospital in labor with her. Little did I know that those long, hard hours would be the easiest of the past 14 years. It is difficult to raise a girl that is just like yourself. Out of all of our kids, she looks most like me...and also the exact same temperament. But that's okay...she is still my joy. So, with all the newness of being a parent...each day is new for her and for us. We have never raised a girl that is our last child, we will be old pros. So, there is so much more grace for her because she is our first. And along with that grace, comes the double portion of blessing.
One of the main differences that she has compared to that she has a solid, loving home. She doesn't have "father" issues like I have had. She has never struggled to know if she is accepted by her dad. That makes a huge difference. Though she has the normal "teenage insecurities," she has never questioned the love of her father. I am thankful to Matt, for constantly pursuing our is a rarity these days.
She is finding her way in this life...what will she become...what will she do. It's amazing to see her blossom during this time. She loves God and is actively pursuing him...that blesses me beyond words. I am constantly finding a way to seek her to reach out to her...and love her.
I thank God every day for the blessing that she is and what she will become. It is an honor to be her mother. She is going to leave an awesome print on this world. I can and will only accept the best for her...she is a gift...and has been for fourteen years.


Superhero Mom said…
I love that she will indeed make her mark in this world...and it will be beautiful & eternal!

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