40 Bag Challenge

I was reading my favorite blog the other day(Owlhaven.net) and I read this very inspiring post. So, I started this past week on my own 40 day challenge...which will take me to April 13th. I have already cleared out 3 bags this weekend. I am kind of excited...I have been in the mood the past few months to streamline my house...books gone, clothes moved do out..shelves straightened. My husband loves it...a cleaner house makes us both happy. Normally, I clean a lot in the summer because we are off from school, but my aim is to participate in my mother-in-law's garage sale this spring...so this moved me to clean now. So, who is in with me? Forty day challenge...comment if you are on board!


Superhero Mom said…
Actually, believe it or not, I just gutted out my laundry room and got rid of 4 bags of clothes, bedding, kids toys. It does feel wonderful. I've got three boxes of curriculum to sell so I'm hoping to catalog and price (to almost give away). I'm excited about your journey! Keep us posted.
Michelle said…
I too recently purged a bunch of stuff but am still pondering the towel situation in my home. Kepp u sposted on your 40 bags!

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