Favorite Things 7

I know...I am crazy, I have a picture of a big bowl of popcorn on my screen. What has this blogging turned me into? Bryn looked at me funny (in her normal, weirdo teenage look) and said, "why are you taking a picture of your popcorn? I looked at her with my normal, mom look and said, "for my blog of course."

So here is my favorite thing 7....Popcorn. It is a main staple here at the Reynolds Nation. I have a full, five gallon bucket of the kernels...ready and waiting to be popped on the stove. Yes, I know...I said it, on the stove. We do not eat microwave popcorn around here...hehehe...we don't even own a microwave and haven't in 10 years. I make it right on the stove...the old fashion way. It is the best this way...and the cheapest. I pay approximately 39 cents a pound for my popcorn...which is way cheaper than the bag kind. And of course, a ton healthier. I have eaten some microwave popcorn recently that somebody made and it was so greasy and flat...not fluffy like mine. My kids love it...we eat it about 4-5 times a week...it is a favorite snack around here. If the kids hear the kernels fall in the pot, I hear some excited sounds come from the house. So, give it a try...pop some corn tonight!

40 bag update: 19 bags


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