Deleon Springs

A fabulous shot of all the kids on the bridge, right next to the pancake restaurant. While we waited to be seated, we walked around the springs and got some great pictures.

Bryn and daddy...right next to the springs. A great picture of the two of them

William and I together hanging on the rails, by the water, looking for alligators. Thankfully, we didn't see any.

William, the conqueror...he thinks he is big and mighty! I think, perhaps one day, he will be!

Caleb, the climber, starting going up, up, up. He loved the morning spent at the Springs.

Who is that show-off? My boy Judah, always the showman. All the little kids standing on a huge stump, goofing off. Aren't they adorable???


Aleatha said…
Love the pics. I have some great ones in the same spots. I do believe the Keener's are in need of a trip over there soon too.
Superhero Mom said…
Yes your children are adorable! Nice pics!

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