Goat Herding

Poor Otto caught by Judah...he is almost as big as Judah, but he is proud that he nabbed him.
Esther with Olive...the only baby goat that will be staying. I hope Esther will be showing her this year at the county fair.

The past month has been quite a lot of funny with all of our baby goats....especially for the kids. I am not sure what they are going to do for fun when they are gone. Multiple times a day they go out and herd them...hold them...play with them...or harass them. Whatever they do, it has consumed a lot of their day time. And since the weather has been so favorable, it has been the perfect time to do this.


Concetta said…
Adorable! I also loved your picture of the kids @ pizza - you should send that in cards!
Happy Birthday to Bryn!
Love you!

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