The Purge Continues

I am feeling quite good about my 40 bag challenge. I am up to 10 bags...wooohooo! And this is not including the two mountains of stuff that I have for a garage sale. So this past week we have been working hard in two areas of my house. I told you about the video closet here and the other closet in my family room. Now, I have finished off my kitchen. We took the old closet(sorry not the best picture) that use to house my washing machine (which is now in my lovely mudroom) and put shelves in there. In this closet, we put all our pots and pans (which is such a blessing, because they were banging up my wood cabinets-we use cast iron), extra appliances and on the bottom ( you can see the tip of orange on the bottom) are my orange buckets of popcorn, wheat, spelt and oats. So, Bryn and I went through the rest of the cabinets and reorganized...and threw away a ton. So many old cups, mugs, plastic containers, etc. Now, my kitchen is so nicely organized and I feel like I have room for everything. And since I spend the most time in my kitchen, I am doing good. How are you doing about purging your home?


Aleatha said…
I am doing pretty good too. It looks like we will have keys in our hand soon for a new house that is half the size of mine now. I LOVE simplifying my life. This is really fun, huh? :) I am amazed at how much junk I have stored. lol

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