Old Spanish Sugar Mill

Matt and I have talked about coming here for years...only 45 minutes away from our house...but we just never made it up there. When we were making our vision of 2011 out in January, we put down some things we would like to do with the kids. The Lighthouse was one trip and the Mill was another. Though we waited over an hour for our table, it was worth the wait. The greatest part about the wait is that we got to explore the springs and the kids even dipped their feet in the water....the wait seemed so short.
Bryn and William on the one side of the table with the griddle in front of them...the specialty of the Mill is that you cook in front of you....and of course their fresh milled grain that makes up the best pancakes.

Here are the pancakes sizzling in front of me. You can add anything onto the pancakes...blueberries, pecans, bananas, and chocolate chips. See the plate in the front of the picture...they were tin plates...just like the plates from Little House on the Prairie.

Judah, ate like he had never eaten before. He loved drizzling his chocolate chips on his pancakes. Though he ate a lot, I think William was the winner. He ate a mountain of pancakes.

William putting his blueberries on his pancakes and Caleb enjoying every bite...Bryn was in control of this grill. She had fun pouring and flipping the pancakes. Matt's mom is on the other side of the kids. We loved having her with us, and sharing our moments with the kids.

Esther, loving every single bit. She chose blueberries too! This was such a delightful trip, we plan to go back every year! Next time we will bring the kids in their flip flops and shorts so they can go in the water for a bit.


Michelle said…
Such a fun place to eat- it's been years since we've been there, thanks for sharing!

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