Watching the Moon...

On Saturday night, we journeyed down to the beach to watch the full moon rise. But this wasn't any ordinary moon...this was one that was 14% bigger than the normal moon...which hasn't happened in 19 years. We love to take an opportunity to make memories with our kids, so we went down there after dinner and had a lovely time. And it was a beautiful moon...big and bright.
Three in a they are. Loving their first chance to be at the beach this year!

We told the kids not to get wet...haha! By the end of the time there, they were all half-way soaked. Judah wasn't too sure about the waves. And I must admit, the water was frigid!!!

All lined up. Love spending these moments with the kids. It doesn't take money to make memories...just our time and effort.

Esther posing for us...with her favorite t-shirt says, "It's better being blonde!" Love her!


Michelle said…
What a great moon it was! Staying dry at the beach-- yeah right!

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