So, yesterday was a great day for me. I took a little trip to Target and purchased a few shelving units to make our life easier. For the past eight years I have used my linen closet as a school closet...yeah, I know...can you believe I did this for eight years? Instead, I had my linens scattered in various closets around my house. And my house is not known for having an abundance of closet space. When I was at Target, I bought a six cube shelving space and two squares that stack as shelves. I was then able to put it together (with help from my teenager) and we put all of my school stuff in the family room closet. Nicely organized. And I was able to purge a whole bag of stuff that needed to be tossed a long time ago. Then I got all of my linens and put them in their rightful place...and was able to make a whole bag of old ones (not worth keeping) for Matt to cover his plants with next winter. Can we say, RECYCLE! Then in our small closet, Matt built a shelving unit that I bought (isn't he the best husband, after a long day he still put it together and organized the shelves for me) and put all our videos on it (see posted picture). I know, we have a ton of VHS tapes, but we had collected them so long and the kids still watch them since we don't have t.v. Eventually, we are going to put everything on the computer ( Matt is in charge of this). But until then, I am goood.
We also sold three pieces of small furniture on Craig's List (gotta love Craig's List) the other day. We are getting rid of all our Mexican Pine furniture. Well, because of this we had to find new places for other stuff. I sorted through all my kids art work (I had it in folders, but it was not well organized) and filed it in boxes. I was able to get rid of a lot of unrecognizable items and organize everything. What a great day. Now, I have three closets all put together...and approximately three more bags of stuff gone (and more put away for our garage sale).

40 bag challenge: six bags gone(not including garage sale things)


Michelle said…
What a great looking closet, today I tackled our master bedroom closet, mpre organizing that tossing but boy doesn't it feel good!! Keep on truckin' girl and post pictures they inspire me!!

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