Lego Logic

I continue on with my 40 Bag Challenge at a much slower pace. I have been trying to adjust back from Spring break and it has been a bit rough. Today though, I was able to go through the toys. You know the mountain of stuff that collects in our houses...and seems to multiply on it's own.

And of course with five kids the mountains seem so much higher. But after some careful observation I have noticed that my kids don't play with their toys...other than the Legos, blocks, Lincoln logs and some trucks. My kids love to build stuff and then destroy it. Everything else just gets left. So, today there was a major overhaul of the toys and most did not make it. I am tired of everything collecting dust. If it wasn't building, creating or educational then it moved onto greener pastures. This didn't include Esther's baby doll stuff, because that is well used. But everything else, was just Lego logic.

Bag update:18


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