School Days

I snapped a quick picture of my little
Essie this morning...working diligently
on her spelling works. It's a rainy morning here in Florida...but that doesn't stop us. We continue to work hard and love the cool breeze going through the house. For those of you who have a spelling student in the house (which is about everyone, even if you don't homeschool)...let me tell you about It is an awesome website that allows you to plug in your kids weekly spelling words and then they make games out of them. Super awesome for the kids and for the moms...busy work that is actually productive.

Later on this morning, I was at work with my middle schooler on a science experiment. It is so hard for me...because I really hate science. I have always hated it...and I think it will remain that way. But we still do it here at the Reynolds Nation. Wish my day could all be history and english...but what do you do?
Loving our day here at the Reynolds Nation...We continued our day with the study of our United States map. I love watching all the kids around the table talking about the states, capitals and various main spots. We are memorizing the Great Lakes this week and it's surrounding states. Now, this is more up my alley.


Michelle said…
Ah makes me miss home schooling little ones. I too struggled learning and teaching Science- funny both my kids seem to enjoy it now :)

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