It's a Birthday Party

Matt took this picture of Bryn last night at her turned out to be a great shot!
My amazing husband made this for her...Bryn's choice birthday dinner. He makes it just like they do at a sushi bar...but for less than half the cost.

Bryn and Judah, after Bryn opened Judah's card. I love the relationship between them, even though they are ten years apart in age.

Esther made a special bead project for Bryn...I love that the two girls are will be amazing to see what God is going to do between them.

The cake made for Bryn...her request for this type, of course. It's all about Bryn day.

Bryn opening her presents, with cousin Abby hanging out...and Bryn's oldest friend, Kelsey. Bryn got lots of money...and a Kindle (where she can download books inexpensively and read them from the screen) from Grammy. It ended up being a great day. We started it with monkey bread for breakfast (I have a tradition that we have a sweet for breakfast on the day of the child's birthday)...then after a no-school day (another tradition), we went to Chick-fil-a for their free Fryday for lunch...and then homemade sushi by Matt for dinner and the family birthday party at night. It was a great excited to have this fourteen year old in our house!


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