Birthday Memories

Here is our boy...holding his #4 card, given to him from Grammy. He loved that when he opened it up it played music. Still can't believe he is four already!

Blowing out his candle on his "robot" cake.

Judah super excited about his gift from William...his own box of Hot Tamales. William bought a box for himself too! Judah later declared the Hot Tamales, "spicy." I thought it was an odd choice...I think William was thinking of his favorite, not Judah's.

Posing for the camera. Judah asked for a "robot" cake...we will forever remember that Judah is our "BeBot."

The four little kids...hanging out at the beach yesterday. To celebrate his birthday we spent the afternoon at the beach. The kids had such a great time!

Judah blowing out his candle at breakfast time. As our tradition for the Reynolds Nation, each kid gets to pick out their favorite sweet for breakfast. I have made cake, pies, donuts, monkey name it, I have made it. Yesterday, we picked up donuts for Judah, and sang him a song. Happy Birthday baby boy!!!

*sorry about the mix-up with the flow of pictures...blogspot switched them around and I didn't have enough time to upload them again.


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