Can it be 4 years?

Can it be 4 years already? Since my little munchkin came to be? Happy Birthday to the sweetest of baby boy, Judah David. Four years ago, about this time, I woke up and my water broke..and that was the beginning of this tremendous journey
Gosh, what can this mama say about my boy? So much. He is all giggles, and curls...laughter and screams...pure delight and love. He is Mr. Independent. He is my alpha-child...demanding and stubborn. He runs the other kids...he is the true leader. It's funny...birth order didn't rule my family...he is in Charge. His personality reminds me a lot of myself. Very strong and persevering! He look totally like his daddy...except the curls that just won't go away. I prayed for one little boy with curly hair...and I got one.
When I look at him it makes my heart skip a beat. I am so blessed to be his mama. I love every moment with him...even when he is being head-strong and demanding. God made him with a purpose (just like all of my kids). I am excited to see how God shapes and molds him. Happy Birthday baby boy. Your mama loves you!


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