Milk...It Does A Body Good

I had to post the picture...our first quart of milk that we got from our new milking goat, Doby. She arrived yesterday and was immediately put on the milking table. How awesome! She is incredibly sweet and mild mannered...we were blessed by our friends at ZipTie Ranch to sell her to us. Our other goats were not overly excited to have a new friend, but within another week they will all be fast friends.

The past two weeks have been busy around here...two bee hives and now a milking goat. We definitely feel like our dreams are coming true...a lot of hard work, faith, love and unity!


Susanne said…
I'm so proud of you guys! I'm fascinated with sustainable living and my brain is working on ways to achieve this in my deed restricted neighborhood. I'm starting to fear my first step may be a petition to my HOA. Since I can't have edible plants in my yard - makes no sense. Anyways, I can't wait to hear more about your farm. Thanks for sharing! :)

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