Gratitude Friday

Haven't had a gratitude Friday in a long time...feel the need for it this morning. Posting a picture of my two nieces on the day of Victoria's graduation on Wednesday (Victoria on left, Emily on right).

1. Thankful for a God who comforts, loves and wraps his arms around us.

2. Thankful for Facebook...I know, kind of weird...but how else would I see instant pictures of a cousin on her way to prom in New York (1200 miles away).

3. Thankful for a terrific husband who works so hard and perseveres.

4. Thankful for my home and all the provision that is here.

5.Thankful for great kids...with all their craziness, fun, and loudness. I am blessed.

What are you thankful for this morning? Take a moment to think.


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