Yogurt Making

Now that we have our new goat Doby, we have a ton of milk in the house. And we have to find ways to use it...besides the usual, drinking and baking. Matt bought a yogurt maker for me about two years ago...I have used it, but with Milk so expensive, it really wasn't cost effective. Well, I am so glad he bought it for me. I am making yogurt every other day now...it takes about 1/2 gallon, which is how much milk Doby is producing per day. Then I throw it in the blender with some ice, fresh fruit and honey...perfect smoothie. I am experimenting with different flavors to see what the kids like. It has been fun, and what a simple breakfast to make for the kids, especially as we go into the hot season.

Here is the blueberry smoothie I made the other day. The kids drank these down rather quickly!


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