It's A Party!

Delivered by the faithful USPS...all made it and were thriving. I think they were ready to get out of the box. I am sure a few were asking, "is this our new home?" :)

Under the big light and running around like crazy. "We are free, we are free!"

A chick party at a call from the post office early this morning...6:30 to be exact. Our chicks had arrived and they were ready for pick-up. We ordered our chicks (laying hens) over a month ago...and we have been waiting and preparing for them since. We have built a new chicken pen...since our last one was broken into so many times by raccoons and they tore our chickens apart. So, it was time for a new pen and a whole new batch of chicks. Matt made it into a fortress (I will post a picture in the next few weeks)...and of course with the size of fortress he made has made it considerably heavy. We will see how it goes?!

So, in 6 months we will have our eggs back, thank goodness. Our property doesn't seem as farm-like without our chickens. So, hooray for our little golden nuggets!


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