The Buzz Around the Reynolds Nation

It has been a busy few days around here at the Reynolds Nation. Our friends down at ZipTie Ranch have exploded into the world of bees...and it got my husband Matthew very interested. After lots of blog reading, and questions we decided to jump right in with them. Or let me rephrase that...Matthew decided to jump right in. I am not overly fond of bees, so I will be there more for far away observation and use of the honey.

Matt ordered all his supplies and last night he built the boxes. They are ready to paint and we will hopefully be picking up our hives this week. So, in prep for all this, we have been preparing the area that the bees will be going in...which consisted of lots of painting, sweeping and pulling down of poison ivy (that was my job, since every else is very allergic). Everyone is buzzing about the house, ready to jump into this new adventure.


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