Blooming Five

I thought I would post a picture of my 5 flowers...each of my kids gave me one on Mother's Day. Chosen individually, and now still being displayed on my kitchen table. As I look at the flowers, it brings me such joy. My little blossoms growing up and become what God wants for them. It's an exciting process, but at the same time a bit frightening.

Busy week we just came out of. Our bees have been here for a week, and Matt has been fretting over them way too much. Rightly so though...a lot of investment has been involved with these bees...time and money. We had a major attack of ants mid week and lost a couple hundred bees. I think we have been able to get ahead of them, but it has been a bit nerve wracking. The funny thing, which I didn't expect, was how much I love just watching them. They are amazing to watch...diving down from the sky to the hive....coming back loaded with pollen. It has been incredible. Another moment to be thrilled with the Lord's majesty.

We are preparing for a milking goat to be coming tomorrow...her name is Doby and we are so excited. We will have fresh milk every day here now. It is so awesome to see our dreams becoming a reality.

Two kids, William and Esther, finished their school year this week. They both finished ahead of schedule and thriving in their abilities. It has been a great year. Even with me working, we have been able to get so much done. Bryn and Caleb have two more weeks to go...and then summer will officially start. Even though the year is almost done, I have already been looking into next year's curriculum. I am changing everything, and moving over to Tapestry of Grace. It is a literature based curriculum that I will do with all my kids. They will just be working on different levels...which will save me so much time, considering last year I was teaching Early American History and Ancient History at the same's hard to go from Pharaoh to George Washington in one swoop. So, I am super excited about that.

The heat is hitting hard the past few days, though overall the month of May has been quite pleasant. I signed William and Judah up for swim lessons yesterday...William is swimming okay, but needs to be strengthened. And this will be Judah's first lessons. It's amazing how many hours over all the years I have spent at the pool doing swim lessons! And Bryn is doing early-swim team this month in preparation of swim team this summer...she is trying to get back into shape. And Esther will be joining her in the summer. Caleb, who still doesn't enjoy the water, will be hanging out at the pool with us. Each year he gets more comfortable with the pool, which is encouraging.

Next week we get 20 chicks delivered...our next batch of laying hens. And then hopefully in July we will order a batch of meat birds. Normally, summer time is slow for us on the farm, but this year may be a bit different. I guess that's all for now...have a great weekend!


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