Let Summer Begin!

Here is one of our ladies coming back to the hive yesterday. After a busy day of getting pollen (you can see the bags of pollen on her back legs), she came back to the hive. The bees have been an amazing experience...just watching them has been so much fun. Our West hive has been doing really well...lots of good stuff going on. The East hive is struggling after being attacked by ants that first week. We are pretty sure that the queen is dead, so Matt put a new frame of bees in this weekend, hoping that they will rise up a new queen. So, perhaps there will be a coronation going on this week and we wouldn't even know it :)

Yesterday, we set up our new pool. Our three youngest couldn't wait to get in the pool. They spent most of the afternoon getting in and out of the pool. The day was perfect weather...not too hot and no rain, which was originally predicted. We were tempted to go to the beach, but the kids had burns on their backs, so we decided to give them a rest from the sun all day. Thankfully, we have our big oak tree in the front giving lots of shade.

Matt was grilling away yesterday afternoon. We had an impromptu picnic to celebrate memorial day. We had friends come over and it was quite an enjoyable afternoon. And Matt did a fabulous job grilling some great food.


Aleatha said…
I guess that is Matt's hand the bee is sitting on? I must say I love what you have going on in the Reynolds Nation

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