Season Complete

We made it through our first soccer season with William. We made plans during our family meeting for the 2011 vision for William to play soccer. It was his first sport and we felt like it was the perfect time for him to participate in a group sport. Any younger in age, I feel like the kids have way too many breakdowns on the field because they can't handle it emotionally.

We told him weeks before we signed him up and he was ecstatic! He loves to be outside playing and this was a great opportunity. When we went to our meet the coach meeting in March, he held my hand so little boy isn't too grown up yet. Anyway, he had a great season. He did really well considering he hasn't played in any group sports and has never gone to any type of school (including preschool). He wasn't the "top boy" on his team, the Dolphins, but I believe he was most improved. He at first was almost afraid of the ball during the game, and by the last game he was moving quite freely. I am so proud of him. At bit of money and a little time (lots of one on one time too, since I took him to his games by myself) was worth every bit. My favorite thing had to be that William always talked about his trophy. He couldn't wait to get it...he talked about it continuously. It was so funny. I think he was anticipating a feeling of accomplishment. So, here you see a picture of my special boy, holding his trophy proudly.


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