Today is a special day for my little Essie Roo. Today marks the day that she is half-baked...my little saying that tells me that I am half way to their adulthood. Some moments it makes me panic a bit. How can I only have a few years left before she is an adult? I remember feeling the same way with my first born...my how it goes so fast!
So, what can I say about this angel on this beautiful 9th birthday. I could gush for hours. She is my little beauty. I still remember being on the operating table wanting to see her face. I remember asking Matt what she looked like...and he answered, "just like Bryn." Which was true. They looked so much like each other as babies. Though they have similar features now, they don't look so much like each other anymore. I also remember the doctor saying,"thank heaven for little babies." Those first moments were so sweet with her. And they have been ever since.
Esther is the total opposite of me....plain and simple. She really has Matt's personality. So quiet and peaceful. She is not a talker like me. I feel like I have to pry words out of her. She observes everything...and takes it all in. She loves to play by herself. The best word to describe her is "Content."
And of course she doesn't look anything like me either...as you can see by my beautiful blond beauty. She is lean...such a better word than skinny. And her eyes are the prettiest color...a reddish brown. We are total opposites...but I love being with her. I love hearing her laugh. She makes quick, witty jokes often. She is super intelligent...I am amazed by how much she absorbs. And she is our little artist (another thing that is nothing like me). She has been since she first took up a crayon. It's funny when you see something in your child that comes so naturally to them. I love to just stare at her when she is drawing. So focused. So intentional.
I truly believe that God has big plans for this girl. I felt that when she was just kicking me from the womb. All these little particulars that make up Esther will allow God to work wonders in her life. He formed her. He made her just this way so that He could be glorified. I think that is the fun part about raising a child...to wait in wonder to see who they will become. I expect for her to conquer the world. To be the child of God that He intended.
Little Essie. My little Roo. How I love you. How I adore you. I wait in anticipation to see how God works in you. Happy Birthday!


Aleatha said…
Through the eyes of a mother. I love how you see your babies as the individuals they are. BTW I like the half-baked, pretty clever.

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