I thought I would post a picture I took the other morning on Easter Sunday of myself and someone very special to mom. I titled this post, Consistent, because that is the word I can use for her. She has always been consistently there for me. Yes, we have had our mother-daughter arguments over the years...who hasn't? But she has always taken time for me...always been there for me...she always will give her wisdom when asked. I love her so much for it. She has been though more in a lifetime than most...and she has always been a hard worker. She basically raised my brother and I by herself. And sometimes that meant working three jobs at a time. And now she is enjoying the life of seeing the grand kids and enjoying her life...and that is nice to see.
The last few months have been a struggle with some issues, but she has persevered and once again been consistent. She always has a positive attitude...always a glass half full personality.
I know it's not mother's day or anything like that...but I just wanted to take a moment and let the world know how much I love my mom.


Marilyn Patrick said…
I think it's wonderful to tell your mom how you feel! Having lost my mom when I was 22, there are many things I wish I'd been able to tell her and ask her now that I am more mature and have a family of my own. All that to say: enjoy every moment you have with her!!

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