Embrace the Camera

As promised, I would show you some photos from the other day,  Just some intentional shots taken at Disney with ME in them.  Big deal here.  I am actually in the picture. Feels good.

 Here is Esther and I waiting in line for "It's a Small World." Not my favorite ride, but always interesting.  My little beauty looked so cute that day.
 Here we are waiting at the Hall of Presidents.  The kids were kind of bored of "shows" and wanted more action.  I think we headed over to Space Mountain after this.  They were so cute here.  Love having me in the picture
 Matt and I behind the famous castle.  It's the end of day and I am tired (did you notice that my hair is now pulled back, a sure sign that I am tired). Love taking a picture with my love.
Head over and see Emily and check her Embrace the Camera action.  See you next week!


emily anderson said…
fun pictures, allison!
i miss disney--we had passes last year. i always disliked it when we were there cause it was too hot/crowded/etc. but now that we can't go there, i totally miss it :)
go figure.

glad you joined them in the pictures!

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