Change of Scenery

I snapped this picture the other night when Matt and I were on a date. Gone are the days of Olive Garden and big, juicy burgers. No, that doesn't mean I will never eat that again. But we are trying to change our scenery of eating here at the Reynolds Nation.
This is one of my favorite little place to eat. It's a little cafe that promotes a healthy lifestyle. They sell fresh juice (which is right up Matt's alley since he has been juicing for the past 56 days), smoothies (which the kids love), and yummy fresh, plant-strong sandwiches. My favorite is a portobello panini...with extra avocado, hold the cheese please. It is super fabulous, super fantastic for your body...and of course, it is delicious. Our kids love eating here...instead of offering fries or chips with their sandwiches they offer a fruit smoothie. The kids love the strawberry/banana.
So my thoughts here are...we are continuing to make a change. Change of mindset, change of the way we eat. And sometimes you have to go to a whole new place. So, where ever you are out there, find a little place where you can enjoy and help you live just a little bit longer.

*By the way, this was not a paid advertisement...haha


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