Embrace the Camera

It's a boy day here at the Reynolds Nation...time with my special little ones. Head over to visit Emily and see her day with Embrace the Camera.


Superhero Mom said…
I love your embracing the camera posts...I still have a hard time getting pictures of myself. ;)
Hespyhesp said…
Cute pics! Love the blanket on the chair behind you!
Mommy Girl said…
fun shots with the boys!
Emily Kate said…
I'm impressed, managing to get all those boys in pictures!! What a handsome family you have.
Wendy said…
What handsome boys you have there!
Matthew said…
I love that you are doing this, now! I love seeing your face and it's important for the kids to have photos of themselves, with you, later on in their lives!

The blanket was made by my great grandmother. She made hundreds of them over her life. This was the last one she made. It is special to us!

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