Oh Thank Heaven For #7

Here is my sweet boy, William Luke. Today, on this fantastic day, he was born. Seven short years ago. I can't believe it. He is growing up so quickly. I feel like yesterday he was a sweet baby in my arms, and now he is a tough, rough, tumbling boy. He was born at 1:03 in the morning on the second of April. God did that just for me. I hated the thought of having a child born on April Fool's day...so, he took care of that and had him born an hour until the new day. God takes care of the little things.
So, what could I say about my boy. He is full of spunk. He loves to run, jump, climb...he is a total outdoors boy....completely physical. He loves to swim...this year he will join our local swim team for the first time. He loves to go to the beach, the springs, a pool...whatever has water. That sounds just like me.
He is in the first grade this year and doing a great job. He is turning into a fantastic reader...he just moved past that point where reading is a chore to that I love to read moment. I always notices it happens when I find my kids reading things when we are out and about...signs, posters, cars, whatever comes past them. I am glad to be past that major milestone in the reading journey.
As you can see by the picture that he loves Legos...big, small, he enjoys them all. He spends hours each day playing with them. He also is fascinated with science...which is why we will be having a Mad Scientist birthday party this weekend. He wants to be a GENIUS when he becomes an adult. It is so sweet. He even has a lab set up under the stairs in the living room...he spends a lot of time there. It will make me sad one day when he realizes that a genius isn't a real job :(
I think my favorite part of William is his sweet, sensitive spirit. He is extremely sensitive...which I love about him. He is the first to tell me that I look beautiful. That makes my heart melt. He still will hold my hand. He will make a fantastic husband one day!
Oh, how I love my boy. I could talk for hours about him. He is the best boy. What a fantastic future ahead of him. Happy Birthday sweet boy. If you only knew how much your mom loves you :)


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