Gratitude Friday

This morning I am super thankful for one thing...well, actually I am thankful for A LOT of stuff, but today is special. My husband completed his 60 day juice fast yesterday. Yes, that's right...60 days without chewing, can you imagine? He did it. I am so proud and very thankful for a husband who is dedicated and focused. What a hard thing to do. Most wouldn't even try to do it, and if they did it is hard to complete. Especially when you are the only one in the house doing it. I have juiced daily and so has my daughter, but not completely like him. How awesome is that! I am so excited about this life that we are leading. Good health is oozing all out of us. It feels great to feel know what I mean. So, this morning...I am very thankful for my darling husband, Matthew.


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