How, Oh How???

How do you start a Monday after such a fabulous weekend? After weekends like this past one, it is hard to face Monday morning. Actually, not really. I am ready for the week. I feel rested and prepared for all that is ahead of me. Which actually isn't much out of the ordinary. I had a great weekend though. On Friday and Saturday I joined up with a couple other ladies and had a ladies weekend at a local condo on the beach. We have done this for four years and it is something to look forward to. Just us...the pool...the and the kids stay at home. It is wonderful. It feels good to have a break. Though there isn't much sleep involved, that's okay. It's good to stay up late and enjoy great conversation. On Saturday morning, I got up after three hours sleep and headed home to host William's "Mad Scientist" birthday party. I stayed for a few hours and then headed out shopping with the girls. And of course the weather was picture perfect this the low 70's with perfect blue skies.
And yesterday...Resurrection Sunday. My kids all dressed up to celebrate the day. It was perfect. We ate a potluck style dinner at my mother-in-law's house and then we were home by late afternoon. Matt and I cooked a bit to prepare for the week...granola, almond milk and bread dough...and he ended the night watching "The Passion" with Bryn. It was the first time she has seen it...a total must for all believers (and unbelievers) gives such a great view of what Jesus went through to the cross.
So, this morning I had a great run. Now breakfast is done, the house is ready for school, my bread is making the house smell great, corn muffins will be next in the oven and I am ready for this beautiful Monday. God is so good. How was your weekend? What did you do?


Michelle said…
Our weekend was good and bad :( Good because local family as well as out of town family came over, we ate, enjoyed each other, laughed and relaxed. Plus Steve had more down time than usual- yippee! Bad because baby girl is sick and teething so i didn't sleep much at all, I think 3 hours each on Fri, Sat, Sun; oh well this too will pass.

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