Embrace the Camera

Here we are again! Oh Yeah! We love our Embrace the Camera, don't we? I am loving this. I am being forced (by myself) to get in front of the camera. Yes, me. The one who has avoided the camera. Give it a try...I dare you...and then head over and see Mrs. Anderson and check her sweet Embrace the Camera page.
I made Bryn sit down with me this morning and snap a picture of us. She hated it. My hair! My clothes! Too bad Bryn...we need a shot of the two of us. Doesn't she look cute with her glasses on? She was in the midst of reading about the Roman civilization (doesn't that sound fun).

I had to take a picture of my sticker. Judah is always giving me stickers...always. This morning he plastered this one on my shirt. Though it was from my Judah, I really think it was from God. Feeling a little down this morning, so I guess I needed to hear that "i rock!"


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