Mellow Monday

Funny title, huh? I am trying to imagine a day that has ever been mellow here. At least since we had kids. Had a great weekend. Saturday we headed over to the Magic Kingdom and took Esther for her 9th birthday...with Mr. William accompanying us. It was William's first time, so that is always fun...just to see their sweet faces with the excitement. I have some shots to share, but I will do that later in the week. Yesterday we were laying low...really low. After being at Disney for 15 hours, we could barely walk yesterday. So, it was a stay at home kind of a day. Which is just what this family needed.
And today? It's been busy as usual. Up at the crack of dawn...actually before the crack, 5:25 to be exact and that is way before there is a hint of light. Did my first run for the week at 6:00 with my buddies...we hit week 5 (for my 5K training) this week and I feel fantastic. I love running, flat out. Yes, I am not very fast, but that's okay. It feels fabulous. And then back home to start the day. Since then I have cooked black beans (for a yummy soup later)and made three dozen corn muffins. School is finishing up now. The kids are breezing through their work, which always happens this time of the year. We are still in the Roman Civilization, which has been exciting time in history to study. Now, we are off to Physical therapy (for Bryn), the library and then swim team. The days fly by, don't they. Crazy? What have you been up to? How is your weather? It was 51 degrees this morning...and still cool out. April can be such a crazy month for weather. Have a great Monday!


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