Whopping Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! Or Hump day as so many refer to it. Feeling fantastic this morning. Had my second run for the week and it felt soooo good. I love the challenge. I love stepping up my exercise level. And I feel so good afterwards. My energy level is beyond what I could ever imagine. I used to get so much done. It's a requirement with five kids. But now, I can get so much more done. It's an awesome feeling.
So, what else is going on around here? Not much I guess. Quiet week. Trying to fit a lot of schoolwork in four days, because we take Good Friday off...thankfully my husband also gets the day off. Right now my kids got all their morning work done quickly so they are working on a word search for their lap books. And I get time to blog. What a fantastic morning. House is straight...my little bit of laundry is swirling in the washer...dinner is already planned out in my head. WooHoo!
Anything else? On Friday afternoon I am headed to a local condo with three friends for a short weekend together...kid less. We have fourteen kids between the four of us, and the last few years we have met at one time to have a weekend alone. It's fun. We eat out. We sit by the pool. We stay up all night usually. It's awesome. Only bad part is that I have to head home on Saturday morning for William's birthday party. I surely will have a hangover...haha...at least my kind of hangover...which means I didn't get enough sleep. All the ladies I am with are believers...no drinking on this weekend:) The next few days I have to get ready for the party...a Mad Scientist Party. My little scientist is going to have the cutest party. Full of experiments and fun.
I hope you are having a great week. What is going on with you today?

*Artwork above sent from one of my boys


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